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Georgetown Festival - Lights On - Virtual Projection Mapping

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Georgetown Festival - Lights On

padi music fest 2019 souvenir padi music fest 2019 souvenir padi music fest 2019 souvenir padi music fest 2019 souvenir “Lights On” is a virtual projection mapping installation programme which showcases George Town’s diverse cultural and historical landscapes through pulsating lights and swimming patterns projected onto a small mockup of the heritage city. “Lights On” is accompanied by two main components: a one-month-long virtual residency programme and a virtual exhibition. The virtual residency programme aims to select seven residency artists to create their micro projection mapping designs under the guidance of professional advisors and curators. Meanwhile, the virtual exhibition showcases the residency artists’ designs, which will be projected onto a micro mockup of the heritage city of George Town. “Lights On” is scheduled to be streamed live via the George Town Festival social media platforms, alongside a sharing session participated by the residency artists of the virtual residency programme. “Lights On” is presented by the George Town Festival in collaboration with Filamen and FabU, with EPSON Malaysia as the projector sponsor.

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DATE   :   12 JULY 2021